World of Winx

World of Winx game

In the Winx club escapades, you look at the gigantic fairy college. Check the most unsolved bends prevail over foes and locate treasure. Pick a single hero of the trendy cartoon. In the game, which is also compatible with android, you must direct your preferred fairy through numerous escapades that lie in wait for her in Alfea.

You would be interacting with various matters, bypassing fatal traps, solving taxing puzzles, fighting wicked goblins as well as their master. Gather supernatural keys, find important and practical items.


Winx Club is the name of an escapade game that rotates about Winx Club gals, which is an assembly of teenage fairies attending a fairy/elf school in a supernatural realm. This game’s based closely on the TV series’ initial season.

The game has three versions, which are the PS2, PC, and GBA version.

Game play and Controllers

In the winx club games you are in charge of Bloom who has the capability of running in any four ways by the use of the control pad. She can make a jump with “B button,” even if not excessively high.  Using “A button,” she can make use of her fairy power for attacking foes. While the A button is kept pressed, Bloom builds up a potent magic assault. The start button brings the game to a pause. Bloom can summon a shield for protecting herself as long as the R button’s pressed down. Bloom also has the capability of climbing up onto vines and ledges by the press of “B button” when in close proximity to said barriers. She is capable of crossing constricted ledges by ambling up to any and making use of the control pad for moving across.

In a boss encounter Bloom is capable of strafing on the press of the L button.

“Select” button gets you to a tab set, which include inventory, images, etc. You are free to roll through such tabs by the use of L & R buttons.

Health of Bloom and its symbolization

The health of Bloom is symbolized by hearts at the left corner at the top. She commences with a couple of filled hearts, divided into 6 parts. On every occasion that Bloom takes hurt from any obstacle/ a foe, a segment any of hearts is removed. Bloom is capable of regaining health by the picking up of Dragon Flowers, which perk up health from 1 till 6 parts. “Dragon Seed” is a functional item that puts in an additional heart to the health of Bloom. Saving is a different way Bloom is capable of having health replenished.

At the right corner at the top, a bell is going to chime whenever Bloom is in close proximity to something vital. This implies that she is capable of interacting with something in close proximity or a collectable is present in the region. The bell is going to vanish when she’s not within reach of something vital.

The significance of colored save crystals and Podiums

The world of winx is able to be saved by drawing near the blue colored save crystals spotted all through the diverse neighborhoods. It’s an excellent idea to save whenever you are able to, as you can never tell when you’re going to require returning to your previous save spot.

This world of game has Podiums present all through it and they supply practical information.

The way bloom ascends to a novel Fairy Level

In this game, Bloom is capable of improving her powers by the lifting up of fireflies that are dotted in the game levels. On every occasion that Bloom achieves the requisite quantity of fireflies she ascends to a novel Fairy Level while gaining a fresh spell. These unique items are frequently found within treasure chests in concealed areas present all through the game.

Bloom’s fight with bosses and use of magic energy

All through the game, Bloom is going to face an assortment of bosses that necessitate her to convert into a fairy. Having become a fairy, the magic of Bloom is a great deal more robust and capable of dealing more damage. At the left of the base of the screen is the health of the bosses, even as the health of Bloom continues being symbolized by hearts at the top left. Bloom has the facility of making use of Magic Energy, which is typically achieved from fireflies lifted up on her trip, though in boss combats, it’s forced out from the boss on damage as sparkles. On each occasion that Bloom makes use of her magic, the magic meter falls, but steadily gets refilled whenever magic isn’t in use. On each occasion that the foe takes damage, sparkles are sent speeding. Bloom has the ability of absorbing these and collecting them by the holding of the A button within the sparkles’ radius. The color of the sparkle establishes the level of Energy achieved

Blue colored Sparkles – refilling of a single Magic Energy

Purple colored sparkles – refilling of five Magic Energy

Pink colored Sparkles – refilling of ten Magic Energy

Calling her pals in the fight with bosses

Moreover, in combat, Bloom has the facility of calling her pals in for helping by the pressing of B button. Help Meter emerges at the side of the Magic Meter of Bloom, which displays which pal Bloom has the ability of calling in once sufficient magic has been gained. Nevertheless, on a friend having been called in, the energy of the meter falls. Each pal is holder of a practical skill that is going to be of help to Bloom in the combat. The first two Winx members can help Bloom, while the last two deal damage to the boss.

These members of the world of winx games are:

Stella – It lets loose a sun sparkle directed straight at the boss causing ruthless damage.

Flora – calls upon plant energy for healing Bloom.

Tecna – makes use of an electromagnetic field for slowing and damaging the boss.

Musa – Makes use of a magical music beat for accelerating the attacks of Bloom.

Bloom is also capable of performing combos with her pals. By the charging of magic for

3 seconds by the holding of “A” button, and subsequent pressing of “B” button,

Bloom is going to execute a combo capable of dealing major damage.

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